Burton Johnsey

Community Developer

ESports Expert

Web Developer

Data Analyst

Anti-Cheat Dev

Project Manager

Steam Left 4 Dead Zeno Clash Left 4 Dead 2 Alien Swarm Portal 2 Dota 2 Counter-Strike

More than meets the eye

A Texas-born, Justin Bieber look-alike, Burton jumped into gaming at an early age. Building computers, hoarding consoles, and moderating Steam forums made him quite the teen heartthrob.

"Gifted in building a rapport with customers and the people he works with"

Ryan Owner, The Trial Group

"Constantly positive and very helpful"

Francois Senior Mission Designer, Sucker Punch

How much can a simple UI change save you?

A small tweak to Steam Support's ticket creation UI reduced incidents of duplicated tickets by 65%, removing over 4,900 tickets per month in total ticket volume.

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Case Studies

Pros and Cons of Gamification

While gamification is a popular method for increasing user engagement and platform stickiness, it can result in undesired behavior that may be a net negative for your business.

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