Burton Johnsey Community Developer @ Valve

Experience 2007 - 2017

Community Manager

Eyes and ears of the company, ensuring that Valve continues to be the most customer focused company in the industry. Act as voice of the company across social media and various online communities. Manage several external vendors and a team of over 50 volunteer moderators from around the world. Lead internal support team of 100 agents, driving policy and shaping product updates. Act as VP of Officiating for The International series of Dota 2 e-sports tournaments.

Web Developer

Design, implement, and maintain web-based tool modules for several teams (Steam Support, Valve Anti-Cheat, and Steam Business). Specialize in identifying slow and inefficient queries and processes within the tools. Co-creator of Steam Guard, Valveā€™s implementation of two-factor authorization. Created a learning spam bot detection tool that effectively stopped spam bots on forums.steampowered.com and dev.dota2.com. Draft and executed support ticket creation UI that reduced incidents of duplicated tickets by 65%, a decrease of over 4,900 tickets per month.

Steam Technical Account Manager

Responsibilities include managing partner relationships for Steam and providing technical integration support for the Steamworks SDK, serving as the primary point of contact for questions on community management and anti-cheat.

HR / Recruiting

Acted as primary HR rep and recruiting lead for Steam Support. Designed interview process for Steam Support, Facilities, and IT teams. Lead phone screens and interviews for all positions within the company. Collect and deliver feedback during annual peer review and compensation process.

Credited Games
Left 4 Dead
Zeno Clash
Left 4 Dead 2
Alien Swarm
Portal 2
Dota 2

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, C++, C#

Software: Perforce, vBulletin, OBS Studio, Msft Office Suite

Topics: Anti-Cheat, Security, Community Management, ESports, Game Development